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Varnishing the Deck

Floor paint, varnish and products for inside and outside your home.

Whether you are varnishing your floorboards, refreshing your garage floor, cleaning your stone floors or looking for enhancers and sealants we've got you covered.

Check out a selection of our products below, if you don't see what you need or if you require advice contact us here , our team is waiting to help.

Johnstone's Floortred.


A solvent based semi gloss floor coating for use on concrete, steel and wooden floors. This floor paint is ideal for very high traffic areas such as garage floors.

Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner.


Stone Floor Cleaner is ideal for removing built-up layers of dirt and grease from interior terracotta and stone floors. Easy to use, and water-based, it is also suitable for removing existing finishes, such as Stone Floor Shine, from previously sealed and unsealed terracotta and natural stone flooring.

Liberon Stone Floor Sealer.


Stone Floor Sealer is a highly effective, non-colouring sealer that maintains and protects the natural look of interior stone flooring. Effective after just one coat on most surfaces, it is suitable for use on terracotta, slate, York stone, ceramic, marble and other similar types of porous stone and man-made flooring. Waterproof and stain resistant, it is ideal for use on both new and old stone.

Stone floor sealer.jpg
Liberon Stone Floor Shine.


Stone Floor Shine creates a protective coating and lasting shine on sealed interior terracotta and stone floors. Providing a durable finish, it is ideal for floors in high traffic areas, such as kitchens and halls. Easy to use with no buffing required, it is water-based and quick drying, and is recommended for use with Stone Floor Sealer.

Johnstone's Floor Varnishes.


Johnstone's quick dry floor varnishes available in both satin and gloss finishes. ​

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